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pisslovingcouple said: mate I'm very sorry for what i said, its just my wife read it first and was very upset, i really didn't mean what i said, thanks for your reply and for explaining what went wrong, i have now unfollowed lets piss and now following you

Woops…. totally apologize brother. Tell her the loudmouth from the USA is really sorry. I still can’t figure out how you got that instead of that other fuck. I do all my messaging on the app and you don’t even have an ask button that I can see. Again, really sorry.

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I need to know who this girl is

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Sister Saint Clare knows how to bring the baddest girls back into the fold…;)

Lily and Bobbi

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A bit of anal creampie then she told me she want to hold the cum in there for the rest of the night with the plug while we have dinner.

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